Professional Watch Repair

At 14K Jewelry Store we provide a wide range of services from something as basic as a watch battery replacement to a complex overhaul on a fine Swiss watch.  Our professional and experienced watchmaker will diagnose the problem regarding the timepiece, the parts needed and the total cost of the repair.  We always provide no cost estimates for you to review and approve of prior to starting any work.  Additionally,  we warranty the service and parts on watch repairs for a full year.

Watch Batteries:

We stock all different variety of battery sizes. Generally battery changes can be done while you wait. With a one year warranty on our watch batteries.  



Watch Bands and Adjustments:

We provide a wide variety of leather watch bands, expansion bands, and bracelet style bands. We have a large selection of parts including clasps pins, band pins and buckles, which can be usually done while you wait.



Tightening Or Replacement Watch Hands:

Hands over time can eventually deteriorate- they can bend, wear out, loosen over time or even can break. If you need replacing or tightening your hands, we can assist you no matter what style hands or watch.



Crystals Repair:

More common crystals are made of a hardened mineral glass, that can with stand ordinary wear and tear, but occasionally the crystal may come into contact with a hard surface. We have many different thickness, diameter, and style- from dome to flat to different shapes to fit your watch.



Stem And Crown Repair:

The most common functions are done with the crown from changing the time to wind your watch. If you have a broken stem and crown attempting to re-installing or winding your watch with a broken crown can cause more damage internally.             



Overhaul and Adjustments: 

A total overhaul involves disassemble all the moving parts of the movement- cleaning and lubricate the parts. Once cleaned we reassemble the watch and adjust any needed parts. 



Replacement of movement:

If the movement is determined to need more than a overhaul, replacing the movement is necessary.  



Dial Refinishing:

Watch dials over time can eventually deteriorate through fading or chipping ect.. Dial refinishing process restores the face of the watch back to the original condition.