14k Jewelry Store


Our engraving is done onsite using Signature Engraving Systems. This means that all engravings are done by a computerized precision machine process. In addition to a large selection of font styles and designs, this technology also allows for custom image and logo engraving.

Customers may bring in an item purchased elsewhere for engraving or choose from a selection in stock. If the item fits in our machine it can be engraved.  

We do machine engraving on the premises on all types of pieces. We can engrave the inside of a wedding band, I.D. bracelets, flasks, charms, pens, baby cups, plaques, glassware, gift-ware, key-chains, etc. If the item fits in our machine it can be engraved! 

Hand engraving is also available. It is not done in-house and requires more time to complete. Hand engraving is a true form of art. All of the work is done free-hand. It is a deeper cut engraving.

Not sure if your item can be engraved? Call us!